Specialty Departments

Anaesthesia & Pain Management

The department of Anaesthesia supports the surgical section, comprises of the people with vast experience in the field of Anaesthesia, can handle any critical cases which require anaesthesia.


Dr. Hareesh B SMBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology & Intensive Care)
Dr. Kanakaraj
MBBS, DA (Anaesthesiology)
Dr. Lakshman GuptaMBBS, DA (Anaesthesiology)
Dr. ManjunathMBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology)
Dr. Pavan RamachandraiahMBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology)
DDr. Pushpa LengadeMBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology)
Dr. SureshMBBS, DA (Anaesthesiology)